Satisfaction Guarantee 

We want you to be pleased with everything you buy at MagicArsenal. If it is not all you expected it to be, return it for a complete refund, exchange or adjustment to your satisfaction. A proof of purchase may be required. We are in business to satisfy you, and if you are satisfied then we are doing our job. Our business is built on referrals, if you love our service you're more likely to refer us to your friends! These referrals help us keep our advertising costs low, which allow us to keep our prices low!
Phone Number: 425-605-0682
Email: sales@magicarsenal.com

Online Shopping Guarantee

We are committed to providing superior products and service to our customers. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us and we will make it right for you. Guaranteed! If you find that you are missing a product from your order, please contact us for a refund of that product within 24 hours of receiving your order. If you find that a product is damaged or unsatisfactory, please contact us for a refund of that product within 72 hours of receiving your order!


Newsletter Policy



When you order through our website, you are opting in to receive newsletters about promotions, coupons, and important company announcements. All emails are sent through ConstantContact and you may opt out if you wish to no longer receive newsletters from us or our MTG partners.  


Store Policies

1.) Return Policies

Magic Singles: Because of market fluctuations, we cannot offer a Return Policy on Magic Singles. However we do guarantee the conditions of our cards, and therefore if you are unhappy with the condition of any card you receive from us simply send the card back within 3 days for a full refund or exchange.

Products & Product Accessories: If you are unhappy with the quality or condition of any product accessory purchased at MagicArsenal, please return it to us within 3 days for a full Refund or exchange.

 2.) Non-Receipt of Order

USPS: If you chose USPS as your shipping option please be aware that we do NOT guarantee the arrival of your package. About 1 in 5,000 packages are lost by the United States Postal Service, and many more packages experience delays in delivery for whatever reason. We do however 100% guarantee that each MagicArsenal order is packaged and shipped promptly the next business day. If you do not agree to release MagicArsenal.com of any liability regarding the loss of a shipment, please read the UPS guaranteed shipping options below.

UPS: All UPS shipping options are fully insured and traceable for both Domestic and International deliveries. When we ship your order with a UPS shipping option An email from Quantum View is sent to you with your items tracking number. You can use this number to find exactly where in transit your package currently is. You can access this tracking data by entering the tracking number into the UPS.com website. If you have any concerns about your package arriving we strongly suggest that you choose a UPS shipping option, it is 100% guaranteed.

3.) Order Cancellation

MagicArsenal.com Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order outright or limit the quantity of part of an order at any time for any reason without prior notification. You will be immediately notified of the reasons your order was canceled, and any payment you made will be refunded immediately. Orders are very rarely canceled. If for any reason your order is canceled and you have not received a full refund for those canceled items, please call us at 425-605-0682 for a swift resolution of this matter.

4.) Out of stock

Occasionally our inventory is incorrect and we are out of stock of an item, when this happens we will notify you through the email you provided as soon as the discrepancy is revealed. We will also credit your store credit account for that balance immediately. As always you may request that the balance be refunded to you through the payment method you used to pay us. (i.e. we would send the refund to your paypal account if you paid for your order through paypal)

5.) Number of Accounts per household

Each household can have only 1 account. On occasion this means siblings must share an account, you only stand to benefit from this because you reach membership reward levels sooner. The formation of multiple accounts so as to falsely benefit from our gracious $5.00 gift of store credit which comes with every new account no strings attached is strictly prohibited and enforced.

6.) Pre-Order Policy(Singles Only)

Ideally this wouldn't be a problem; however, the distribution for Magic Cards is simply awful. This means you rarely get the number of rares you should statistically open. For example if we should get a statistical average of 20 of each rare, we will routinely open as low as 8 of certain rares and as high as around 40 of others. What this means is we cannot guarantee delivery of Pre-Order singles. If we run out of a card you will receive a refund and an email. If you hate this as much as we do, complain to Wizards of the Coast.

7.) Resale Restrictions

Products and singles purchased through MagicArsenal.com are not intended for resale. Those who intend to resell products or singles purchased from MagicArsenal.com are welcome customers, but they are not entitled to our membership rewards program.

8.) Product Returns & Restocking Fees

All products you purchase from us are guaranteed to arrive undamaged, contact us immediately if there is a damaged item in your package. If you fail to inform us within 2 days of delivery we cannot accept your return. On all returned items there will be a non-negotiable 15% restocking fee. All items must be returned to us within 10 business days. Failure to return items within that time will result in a penalty of an additional 10%, please return items quickly.

9.) Qualifying Membership Rewards Purchases

You will ALWAYS receive your Membership Rewards store credit on any Singles Purchases you make! However, because of our commitment to maintaining extremely low margins on all products, we are unable to additionally award membership discounts to sealed product purchases. These Products include booster boxes, booster packs, sealed decks, sleeves, and many accessories. Thank you for your business, we look forward to exceeding your expectations!

10.) Praise or Complaints

If you have any suggestions for our website, or any criticism of it, tell us, we make it a policy to listen attentively. We are always striving to bring better quality services and products to our valued customers. Without you, there is no us! Contact us directly at Sales@MagicArsenal.com.
11.)Tournament Weekends and Pricing

Due to the nature of tournaments and the unveiling of new decks prices can become very volatile during this time and change very quickly.  We reserve the right to limit a customer to a single playset so as to give us to adjust our prices to reflect the new enviroment.  We appreciate your understanding in advance.

12.) Quantity Limits

We have a renewed effort to be in stock at all times on all cards and still bring you the exceptional pricing that you have come to expect from us and deserve.  We ask that to assist us in this effort that buyers limit themselves to no more than 2 to 3 playsets of a single card when ordering so that others in the magic community can have the same opportunities to build these as well.  Again we appreciate you cooperation and understanding on this matter in advance.

MagicArsenal reserves the right to modify the policies outlined above at its sole discretion, which may become effective immediately and without notice.

13.) Speculative Buying 

We will not allow someone to buy us out on a single in order to speculate prices.  EX: We had a customer who tried to buy all of our Riptide Laboratories at once.  He was trying to get them while they were low and hoped that we were not aware of the price increase.  He was told he would be limited to a playset so that there would be Riptide Laboratories available for others.  When this happens we end up having to raise the price again to dissuade others from trying the same thing.