Dear Friends of MagicArsenal,

This has been a wonderful ride, but we're sad to announce that we've closed our digital doors! All orders received before August 1st, 2012 will ship as normal. If you have any questions about a current order, please email us.


This has been a wild and crazy journey and we wanted to fill you in on the history of Arsenal, and why we are closing.

After years of collecting and trading all over the country, Dan McCarty amassed such an enormous collection that friends began referring to him playfully as "Dealer Dan" at the WOTC Game Center in Seattle. Starting a website was the only logical next step, however an 'out of the box' solution didn't exist.

The process of building a custom eCommerce solution for CCGs was daunting, but after a year of programming MagicArsenal was launched in 2003 by Dan, and contract programmer David Balatero. Over the next several years the software grew until it reached a breaking point in 2006, when the code under the surface of the website became unsustainable. As it turns out, when you don't fully understand the scope of what you're building, you're prone to make a limitless number of mistakes, some of which proved fatal. The software needed to be re-written from the ground up.

Dan and David learned a lot from the innumerable mistakes made building the original Arsenal software from scratch. Instead of throwing in the towel and getting a normal job, he recruited David to give it another shot helping to re-architect, and re-envision what the software could be. They spent 3 months mocking up every single page and feature, for what would eventually take another 3 years to become CrystalCommerce, which launched to the public in 2009. Such a platform for selling had never existed before, each retailer had to build his/her own custom eCommerce website in order to sell these complicated collectibles online.

It is now 2012, and CrystalCommerce is used by hundreds of Game & Hobby stores nationwide.

There are so many great places to buy and sell Games and Collectibles online thanks to the work we started with MagicArsenal. The ground we broke here has helped so many wonderful merchants to power their epic game stores. You've been a part of something very special. Your business has always been valued, and we hope our service helped you find the cards you needed to play the game you love!

Today we close our doors, but the magic will always lives on!!