1. Why should I shop at MagicArsenal.com over someone else?
    • MagicArsenal encompasses all the first-class characteristics of our more expensive online competitors;
      1. We have an extensive selection of singles.
      2. Our singles conditions are held to the highest standards
      3. Our customers trust us.
      4. We emphasize the importance of expedited customer service.
    • However, there are several important distinctions we'd like to stress
      1. We keep our prices competitive; our sell prices are based entirely on how much the replacement cost of the card is.
      2. We are dedicated to providing and maintaining a website that is highly functional and easy to use.
      3. We realize you have many options when looking to buy magic cards; we value your business and reward you for shopping with us through our Membership Rewards Program, Discounted S/H, and our frequent Sales!
  2. Do I qualify for free shipping on my order?
  3. While we have offered free shipping in the past, we are now offering special promotions that are available instead by using the coupon codes in our newsletter.  For example, in Octobor we gave everyone who spent over $25.00 a free Lorwyn booster pack (Domestic only).  There will be several new promotions, so make sure to check our newsletter!
  4. How long does an order take to reach me? (Domestic)
    • United States Postal Service:
      1. We are located in Washington State, and orders typically take 1 day to process. Domestic shipping will take up to 7 days depending on how far away you live, please refer to the map below.
      2. International shipping can take in some cases up to 14 days, but typically takes around 
      3. UPS:
      1. UPS Shipping is guaranteed, insured, and you can track your shipment online. Depending on what service you select, Next Day, Second Day, Ground, etc. You will always know exactly when your package will arrive.
  1. How often do you post auctions on eBay?
    • Our eBay auctions will be updated weekly starting right around the first of the year. We will be posting regularly under the username magicarsenal. Typically we will have new auctions up each week.
  2. Are you planning on selling other games eventually?
    • It is our intention to stick close to Magic: the Gathering and its assorted accessories as our primary focus. Our philosophy that doing one thing well is better than doing ten things haphazardly.
  3. Are you planning on selling MTGO digital cards eventually?
    • We currently have no plans to offer or buy Magic Online cards until WOTC in their infinite wisdom allows us to sync our online inventory to directly to our MODO account via an XML datafeed or an API. Send Wizards an email about this if you'd ever like to see us carry Digital Cards!
    • Do you know what cards are currently banned or restricted?
    • If you are interested in the current and official banned and restricted list please follow this link: Banned/Restricted List.
  4. I have a rulings question; can you help me find the answer?
    • Although we do play Magic, a better place to find an official ruling would be here: Rulings/Qugestions
  5. How are shipping costs calculated?
    • Shipping costs for either UPS or USPS are based entirely on the weight of your package, the distance it has to travel, and how quickly you wish it to arrive.
  6. What is the best way to contact you?
    • The easiest way to contact us is through either email at sales@magicarsenal.com or through AOL instant messenger at screen name MagicArsenalAIM. Or call us at 425-605-0682.
  7. What are your hours of operation?
    • We are working between the hours of 10am and 5pm PST Monday through Friday. We do put in long hours that may exceed that range, if possible we will respond immediately. If we are unavailable, please include the best means of reaching you in either your email or instant message.
  8. Do you travel to events?
    • We do travel to several events each year, typically we will post in the news section which events we are going to about a month in advance. But if you think we should go to an event near you, send us an email and we will look into attending it.
  9. Do you buy cards?
    1. We are always buying cards, we will always have our buylist up. Click here to check out our buylist. Or email our buyer directly at buyer@magicarsenal.com.
  10. Do you buy cards that are not on your buylist?
    • We do buy cards that are not on our buylist all the time. If you send an email to us describing your collection we will tell you if we would be interested in it and we will give you the ballpark we would pay for it. It is our policy, just like a normal buylist transaction, to have you send in your collection for appraisal. We will inspect everything and tell you how much we would pay for it.
  11. Do you buy card collections?
    • We are always looking to buy card collections, no matter what the size. Send an email to buyer@magicarsenal.com describing your collection and he will do a quick appraisal. Then just send it in.
  12. How long will it take me to get paid for the cards I send in?
    • Typically your cards take a few days to process once they arrive, after that a check is sent the same day. If it is a buylist transaction, you will be alerted to the status of your order through email notifications for your convenience.
  13. What if my cards are lost in the mail, who is responsible for them?
    1. USPS
      1. You should be aware that the United States Postal Service looses less than 1 in 500,000 pieces of mail; the odds are very low that anything was lost. Please check to make sure you put your correct address in your account.
      2. If you are using USPS and your order status says it has shipped, but the package has not arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Please contact us. You should know that MagicArsenal is not responsible for any USPS package once we have mailed it. If you are concerned about this occurring, please select a UPS shipping option. No exceptions will be made.
    2. UPS
      1. All UPS shipments are covered by insurance, rest assured; you can track your package online and see exactly where it is. If it doesnt show up, it is insured.
  14. How does the Refer-A-Friend promotion work, why should I use it?
    • The Refer-A-Friend promotion is a fantastic way for you to help us promote the website and get Free Stuff!!! Once you have an account with us, simply type in the emails of each of your friends you think might enjoy our site and click Send Referrals. An email is sent automatically to each of them inviting them on your behalf to join MagicArsenal.com, for each one that signs up, you are entitled to 10% of their first purchase in store credit! Feel free to refer as many people as you can think of, the more that sign up the more free stuff you get!
  15. When are new features being added to the website?
    • There are several new features that are in the pipeline, we are working hard to bring you new and useful features. If you have suggestions for making our site a better experience for you, please do not hesitate to send an email to dan@magicarsenal.com detailing your idea. Some examples of ideas we are implementing:
      1. Advanced Search
      2. Custom MagicArsenal radio station
      3. Hosting online games for your enjoyment
      4. Online web forum for you to discuss decks and ideas!
  16. How do the membership rewards work, how do I benefit?
    • The membership rewards program is simple; we reward those loyal customers who shop with us often. The more you spend the more you get credited back to you in store credit. Once you earn a level, you get to keep that reward forever! If store credit is not used within 365 days of issuance, it is void.
    • Here is a chart exactly how the program works, many have already reached Level 10, and you could too.


Level #
Level Title
Level Up
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
    • If you are buying cards from us to resell on the internet, you are not entitled to our rewards program.
  2. What kind of payments do you accept
    • We currently accept:
      1. Cash: Not recommended, but if you insist to send us cash, please know that we are not responsible for it. We have not had any problems with cash thus far, but please be forewarned.
      2. Check: Any order paid with a personal check will be delayed 7 days while we wait for it to clear our bank.
      3. Money Order: Money Orders are the suggested means of payment. If you pay with a Money Order your order will ship out the next day. Please keep the stub or receipt for your money order for your records, it is very important.
      4. Paypal: We do accept Paypal; the MagicArenal.com website is fully integrated with the Paypal payment system. This is a very easy way to pay us, if you pay through paypal your order will ship the next day. We reserve the right to only ship to your confirmed Paypal address.
      5. Credit Cards: We take Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for your convenience.
      6. Wire Transfer
      7. Bank Transfer - email for payment details (sales@magicarsenal.com)