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G - TD01 - Awakening of The Interdimensional Dragon

G - TD02 - Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star

G - TD03 - Flower Maiden of Purity

G - TD04 - Blue Cavalry of the Divine Marine Spirits

G-TD05 - Fateful Star Messiah

G-TD06 - Rallying Call of the Interspectal Dragon

G-TD07 - Illusionist of the Crescent Moon

G-TD08 - Vampire Princess of the Nether Hour

G-TD09-True Zodiac Time Beasts

G-TD10- Ritual of Dragon Sorcery

G-TD11 - Divine Knight of Heavenly Decree

G-TD12 - Flower Princess of Abundant Blooming

G-TD13 - Evil Eye Sovereign

G-TD14 - Debut of the Divas

G-TD15 - Messiah Dragon of Rebirth