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BTXX - Booster Sets

Cardfight Vanguard Promos

EB0X - Extra Booster

KAD1 - Half Deck: Star Drive Deck

KAD2 - Half Deck: Crested Deck

MT01 - Mega Trial Deck Rise of Royalty

TD0X - Trial Decks

G - BT0X - Generation Booster Sets

G - EB0X - G Extra Boosters

GTD0X - Generation Trial Decks

FC0X - Fighters Collections

G-CMB01 - Vanguard & Deletor

G-CB0X- Clan Boosters

G-CHB0X - Character Booster

G-LD0X - G-Legend Decks

G-SD0X - G-Starter Decks

G-TCB0X - Technical Booster

G-TTD01 - Trial Deck Touken Ranbu