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BT01 - Descent of the King of Knights

BT02 - Onslaught of Dragon Souls

BT03 - Demoinc Lord Invasion

BT04 - Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows

BT05 - Awakening of Twin Blades

BT06 - Breaker of Limits

BT07 - Rampage of the Beast Kings

BT08 - Blue Storm Armada

BT09 - Clash of Knights and Dragons

BT10 - Triumphent Return of the king of knights

BT11 - Seal Dragons Unleashed

BT12 - Binding Force of the Black rings

BT13 - Catastrophic Outbreak

BT14 - Brilliant Strike

BT15 - Infinite Rebirth

BT16 - Legions of Dragons and Blades ver.E

BT17 - Blazing Perdition ver.E