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Minimum Buylist Order Total is currently $15.00

How Do I Sell Cards to MagicArsenal (Please Read)
1.) You can quickly find the cards you wish to sell by either Searching or through Browsing the Products & Cards section on the left to locate the cards you wish to sell; now just add them to your Sell Cart. (Make sure you are in Selling Mode!)
2.) To Edit or Checkout, click "View Buylist / Submit" link in the Cart Summary section.
3.) Follow the system prompts to complete the sell order.
4.) Wait for the approval email to arrive. (We might make some changes so please double-check)
6.) You will be notified when your package arrives. You will then receive an email receipt of the Grading. (Grading Scale shown below).
7.) You will receive payment promptly once we've received and processed your Buylist Order. 


*Important* We are currently only buying English cards. Unless otherwise indicated, Foils are purchased for the same price as NM/Mint.

Prices show are for NM/Mint Cards, however we buy played cards frequently (our experts will even grade them for you) to see examples of other condition grades please view our Grading Page.


The graduated scale below is how much we deduct from the NM/Mint price if a card is played.

Card Condition 
% of NM/Mint Price
 NM/Mint 100%
 Near Mint Minus   
 Excellent Plus
 Excellent 60%
 Excellent Minus  50%
 Good 45%
 Poor 40%


We strongly suggest you purchase tracking and insurance when sending us your Sell Order! Lets face it, occasionally the post office is unreliable and we are NOT responsible for lost packages.

Send Your Cards To:
MagicArsenal Games
Attention: Buyer
3400 NE 110th ST STE B-2
Seattle, WA 98125
Phone: +1(425) 605-0682